Variable Refrigerant Volume Technology (VRV)

BoatRx is the exclusive North Eastern US representative for Termodinamica and their innovative VRV air conditioning system.

What is VRV?

Unlike traditional chiller systems, VRV systems use refrigerant as the cooling and heating medium. This refrigerant is conditioned by a single condensing unit, and is circulated within the yacht to multiple indoor air handlers. VRV systems allow for more precise and varied cooling in only certain areas, reducing energy consumption and providing greater comfort. This technology is utilized in high performance buildings and is finally available in the marine market.

VRV is an excellent fit for vessels which ordinarily would have 2 or more self-contained air conditioning units, or a central chiller system.


Highest Efficiency

Compared with any of its competitors the Termodinamica system is a minimum of 50% more energy efficient. This is achieved in a few ways:

Lightest Weight

Special ultralight materials are used for construction. A typical 60,000 BTU system for a 100 ft sailing yacht can be produced at a weight of just 175 lbs. The condensing unit is framed in aviation grade aluminum, the condenser is made of titanium and the air handlers can optionally be built of carbon fiber.

Fastest Installation Time

A VRV system saves valuable labor and installation time on refit projects. All of the equipment is lighter and more compact than comparable systems. Most importantly, since refrigerant is used as the cooling medium, there is no need for the elaborate plumbing, manifolds, valves and inevitable leaks associated with a chiller system. Furthermore instead of copper refrigerant lines, we use pre insulated synthetic hoses. These are long lasting, flexible, and easy to route through tight spaces.

Heating in Low Water Temperatures

The Termodinamica VRV system can be designed to provide heat in polar water temperatures as low as 23°F. This means that vessels can remain in the Northeast US without the need for supplemental diesel heat.

Remote Monitoring

Termodinamica has adopted a precise telemetry system which transmits to a central command center to support all the operating parameters of the machine using the GSM 4G/UMTS network and notifies us in advance the possibility of a failure.

In the case of smaller problems, the service center can work directly from the support center to control the air conditioning system making it possible to do diagnostic checks. The anomaly can be diagnosed and fixed easily with the engineer/owner/captain.

Worldwide Support

Termodinamica has a skilled in-house customer service team and a network of technicians located in critical yacht destinations all over the world. If failures occur due to abnormal tampering or problems to the electrical plants, Termodinamica is able to send components next day of up to 220lbs to any part of the world with direct delivery from the dealer or manufacturer.

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