Integrel is a comprehensive power solution for power and sailing yachts.

It collects excess energy from your existing inboard engine during normal operations and stores this energy in Li-Ion batteries for later use as you need it. Integrel is completely automatic, working in the background with no direct input from you.

Completely replace your stand alone generator and power all of the comforts of home.

Completely replace your stand alone generator by using “spare” capacity from your existing inboard engine

Generates up to 9kW of electrical power without compromising your engine’s performance

Fuel savings of up to 25% by producing propulsion and power generation at optimum efficiency

Fully automatic – it just works! It even warns you when the batteries need recharging

Cost savings with Integrel

No generator cost

The Integrel system does not require a separate generator engine. This means that fitting costs are less than for a stand-alone generator with no need for through-hull fittings and no separate fuel, exhaust or cooling systems.

Reduced maintenance costs

Through life maintenance costs are also substantially less as Integrel only needs a periodic belt change; no more second engine checks and maintenance schedules.

Fuel efficiency savings

Integrel system improves the fuel efficiency of the propulsion engine, reducing overall vessel fuel consumption. It is fully automatic, managing electrical power generation, storage, conversion and distribution in one package.

Reduced battery bank costs

Integrel also allows you to reduce the size of your 12 and 24 volt house battery banks with its powerful battery to battery charging capability and reduces the size and weight of the cabling for power hungry consumers such as bow thrusters, windlasses and winches.

Reduced marina costs

No need to park in an expensive marina just to get shore power to run your air conditioner or other power hungry appliances. You have more than enough power for your overnight stay on-board even if you are running air conditioning or even an electric cooker.*

Reduced insurance costs*

Some insurance underwriters are considering reducing the annual premiums based on yachts that:
  • Do not have a combustion cooker.
  • Do not have an onboard generator.

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