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Battery Powered Air Conditioning

AC vs. DC

There are two ways electrical energy is transferred. Alternating current (AC), which periodically reverses course, is what we use through our wall sockets at home. Direct current (DC), which flows in one continuous direction, is what is stored in batteries.

Every boat’s onboard batteries provide DC energy to a variety of onboard devices like lights and electronics. Though high power appliances like air conditioners often still require AC from shore power, or the constant use of a generator.

Inverter Compressors and Li-ion Batteries

New advances in air conditioning and battery technologies make it possible to run marine air conditioning systems on DC power alone.

High efficiency, variable speed compressors dramatically reduce power consumption, and new battery chemistries, like LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate), allow a lot of energy to be stored in a small and lightweight package.

No Generator Needed

These advanced batteries get recharged from shore power while at the dock, or by the engine alternators when underway.

DC Air Conditioning at 12 Volts

12v-MobileDiagram (1)

DC Air Conditioning is especially well suited to smaller boats, both power and sail, which don't already have a generator. Think your vessel might be a good fit?​

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