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We do everything with our core values of honesty, hard work, and trust.

BoatRx is a small team of skilled technicians devoted to upgrading the comfort of your boating experience. Using top-end products and emerging technologies, we design and install customized climate and hybrid energy systems. Our team takes great pride in working with our clients throughout their experience. Our systems, and our service, endure. We're here to make boat life better.

phil gutowski

Phil Gutowski


Born in Buffalo, NY, Gutowski has spent his entire life on the water. He lived, learned, and worked in nearly every aspect of the marine industry. "As a kid I’d go out when the wind picked up to sail the steep waves over shallow Lake Erie waters. I took jobs on everything from charter boats to work boats. I worked in a chandlery, attended a maritime college and crewed one of the largest motor yachts in the world. Everywhere I went, I tried to learn as much as I could.”

For a time, he stepped away from the water to learn how to code, working as a software developer for two of Boston’s leading startups. Soon after, his love of the mechanical realm brought him out of the office and back to the water to start BoatRx. With a team dedicated to learning new technologies, implementing uniquely designed systems with cutting edge components, BoatRx has quickly become a leader in marine power and climate innovation.

“If you own a seagoing vessel, it’s likely to be your favorite possession. It's a privilege to be the first call that owners and Captains make for refits and upgrades."

Lexi Ossinger


After studying business at the University of New Hampshire, Ossinger began working on the ground floor of Boston software startup Dealer Science, which was eventually aquired by True Car in a multi-million dollar deal. In order to keep his burgeoning love of sailing alive, and to counter the long hours, Ossinger bought a Pearson 30 and settled into East Boston’s shipyard where he met Phil.

Less than a year later he found himself far beyond the walls of the Boston start-up world, bent over the rail of Phil’s Tayana 42, green in the face, paying his dues to Poseidon while completing an offshore passage from Boston to St. Thomas. Over the next year, both their friendship and business partnership grew.

“Spending time in the Virgin Islands opened my eyes to what boating could be, not just simply existing on a boat, but thriving with all of the comforts of home in paradise. I am excited to bring this industry into the 21st century and enable people to find their path to paradise on the water.”

TJ Roach

Senior Technician

It took a hurricane to get Roach out of a kitchen job and into a New England Boatyard. Hauling out boats turned quickly into a love for the marine industry. Roach started by winterizing center consoles, and continued until he was servicing high-end yachts in Block Island. With a desire to advance his knowledge of the trade, Roach decided to pursue an education at IYRS, a premiere marine trade school located in Newport, RI, where he studied marine systems.

Roach followed his technical education with more on the job training at the Jamestown Boatyard in Rhode Island. In late 2020, Roach made the call to follow BoatRx down to the U.S. Virgin Islands and back to New England to work on some of the most technologically advanced yachts in the world. He hopes to one day master his craft in what he calls an emerging, ever-evolving field, and sees the close knit team at BoatRX as an ideal space to progress and grow.

“I was never much of a sailor until my brother got me into a boatyard after Hurricane Sandy tore up the East Coast. That event led me to stumble into a passion which I’ve pursued ever since. I’m excited to continue learning from Phil and the team here at BoatRX.”


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BoatRx is rapidly growing. We are always looking for skilled installers and technicians interested in installing cutting-edge, battery-powered air conditioning systems.

Our company is an ABYC member that is adamant about cross-training our technicians to be the best in both HVAC-R as well as the electrical systems that are the backbone of our work. In this line of business, we believe that a job well done is one that goes unnoticed; enabling customers to maximize their time and comfort out on the water.

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