Securing Boat Batteries

Securing Boat Batteries

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We have nine heavy lead acid batteries aboard our Tayana 42. One is a starting battery and the other eight make up our house bank. These house batteries are all 6 volt batteries wired as four series pairs. I decided to build the battery trays out of aluminum and essentially hang them from the cabin sole, or secure them to bulkheads where available. The more common way to do this would have been to use fiberglass to tab in horizontal supports to the inside of the hull. However, we had already painted the bilge and I like that the aluminum frames make it easy to hose down the bilge without trapping water anywhere. Little makes me happier than a clean bilge. Below are some photos of the four batteries we secured in the engine compartment. The other batteries are found under the quarter berth and v-berth respectively.

perkins 4108 and house batteries sailboat

The engine compartment looking forward. Notice the starting battery on the starboard side even though the starter is on the port side.

custom aluminum battery tray in sailboat

Custom aluminum battery tray.

battery tray

aluminum battery tray in sailboat

Getting creative with battery mounting locations.

perkins 4108 in sailboat with batteries

New engine and battery boxes in place.

sailboat battery cable labels

Label everything!

sailboat engine harness wiring