Repowering: Hoisting a boat motor

Repowering: Hoisting a boat motor

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On our personal boat, a 1984 Tayana 42 we pulled our old Perkins 4-108 for a rebuild to recover lost power, stop oil/coolant leaks, and repaint.  While it’s out we’ve got lots of room to give the engine compartment a proper refit!  Here are some photos and a time lapse video of us pulling it out!

engine cart in the shop for boat

Built a stable cart to make the engine easier to roll down the dock, up the ramp, and onto shore.

perkins 4108 draining coolant

Draining the coolant.

ready to remove engine from sailboat

Hard to tell that a lot of disassembly is already done here. Gone is the mess of spider web battery cables and all of the wet exhaust.

ali decoupling prop shaft from sailboat

Ali is removing the bolts that connect the prop shaft coupling to the transmission.

wrapping engine for storage

It's out! Carl takes a break from shrinkwrapping boats to give the engine its own cover.