New Gear: SWITLIK Rethinks Man Overboard

New Gear: SWITLIK Rethinks Man Overboard

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Most sailors are familiar with the man overboard recovery systems which tend to live in a yellow or white vinyl bag hanging from their pushpit.  Beneath the often weathered flap one should find a soft horseshoe buoy and a length of line which is deployed in an effort to secure the MOB and hoist him back on board.  Switlik offers and improvement on this old design by reducing its size and increasing its performance with an inflatable sling, offering almost double the buoyancy of other similar devices.


LIFESLING overboard rescue system.

switlik man overboard recovery


The SWITLIK CORD has an inflatable ring which provides more buoyancy than the classic foam horseshoe buoy from LIFESLING.

But, what if you’ve just lost a crew member over the rail while under full sail?  There’s no sense in towing your recovery device behind until you can navigate back to the MOB.  Your protocol for this scenario probably involves tossing other flotation devices both to mark the location of the MOB and to offer them something to hold onto.  Some boats even have a ballasted buoy with a tall fiberglass flagpole that gets deployed as a marker.  The brand new MOM-8S from Switlik is a far better solution.  This device consists of three key components, an inflatable underarm flotation device, a 6 foot tall inflatable pylon with lithium powered locator light and a fabric sea anchor.  Just lift the flap on the compact vinyl bag, pull the inflation cord, and the system will automatically drop into the water, free from the boat to stay with the MOB.  The whole unit is easily serviceable and can be reused many times.  Should you invest in any new safety gear, don’t forget to get out and practice with it!


switlik MOM deployed

SWITLIK MOM-8S deployedsiwtlik cord deployed



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