New Book: 'Splicing Modern Ropes'

New Book: 'Splicing Modern Ropes'

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This full color, hardcover is beautifully bound and makes an excellent addition to the library on any boat. The opening pages do a great job in helping the reader to understand the evolution of modern synthetic fibers. With product names like, Dyneema, Spectra, Vectran, Zylon, Kevlar, and Technora, casual sailors might often feel overwhelmed in the variety of material choices for their application. Polman, a specialist in synthetics technology, thoroughly analyzes the technical properties of each type of fiber, and sheds some light on their naming and chemical make-up.

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After giving the reader confidence that they’ve chosen the correct line.  The book describes over 30 different splicing techniques with step-by-step instructions and beautiful full color photographs. After reading, it was time to give it a go. I’m no splicing expert. In fact, most of my splicing experience consists of yelling and cursing at a mangled double braid line with half of its core pulled out.  Still, with a fresh attitude, I took on splicing a basic eye in a piece of single braid dyneema. It worked! In fact many of these modern splices seem to be much easier than ones I’ve attempted on the more common nylon double braid.

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