We design and install hybrid and battery-powered air conditioning systems for boats of all sizes.

High efficiency air conditioning systems and new battery chemistries are enabling a cleaner, quieter and more comfortable boating experience.

Outboard Boats

No generator on board?

Refits and New Builds

Increase your comfort.

Big and small. Custom Climate Control for any size yacht.

BoatRx is the exclusive Northeast distributor and installer for Termodinamica of Italy. Learn about VRV, the most efficient climate control system available for larger yachts.

What is Integrel?

Integrel is the future of energy generation afloat, completely replacing your stand alone generator! It collects excess energy from your existing inboard engine during normal operations and stores this energy in Li-Ion batteries for later use as you need it.

Marine Air Conditioning with 12 Volts.

Mabru power systems introduced a game changing marine air conditioner which runs off the 12 volt system already available in your boat.

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